CBI raids NDTV’s Prannoy Roy for 2008 deals with ICICI Bank

CBI raids NDTV’s Prannoy Roy for 2008 deals with ICICI Bank

CBI raids NDTV’s Prannoy Roy for 2008 deals with ICICI Bank

Officials at the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) investigated Monday at the main residence of the journalist and co-founder of New Delhi Television (NDTV) Prannoy Roy and other sites related to the organization.
The investigating agency has filed a case against Roy and his wife and co-promoter NDTV Radhika Roy, their private businesses RRPr Holdings and NDTV India. The first information report (FIR) also mentions “those responsible for ICICI Bank without name” among the suspects.

The FIR alleging criminal conspiracy and invoking the Corruption Prevention Act was based on a complaint by Quantum Securities, a company headed by the Delhi distributor and NDTV shareholder Sanjay Dutt. Dutt, who had shared a close relationship with the Kings, had filed several complaints against NDTV and its promoters from various agencies, including the Indian Securities and Exchange Board and the service income tax.
In the latest complaint, dated April 28, Quantum alleged “economic loss of more than $ 48 billion in the ICICI Bank stemming from an illegal pro / improper benefits and transferred to the promoters of New Delhi Television, or Dr. Prannoy Roy, Roy and Radhika RRPr Holding. “The complaint added that” ICICI Bank would have hesitated, commit fraud and entered into a conspiracy with NDTV promoters to facilitate the transfer of ownership of a broadcasting company to a Khoka / shell company “.

NDTV shares cost almost 7 percent intra-day. The stock fell 6.74 percent to Rs 58.10, a 52 week low on BSE during the day. Later, part of the losses were cut and ended at Rs 60.45, down from 2.97 percent.

NDTV said to fight the “witch hunt”. He called the CBI action an attempt to undermine democracy.


A company statement said: “It is surprising that the IWC has conducted research on the NDTV office and the residence of its promoters without even carrying out a preliminary investigation. This is a blatant attack on political freedom. Sources confirm that under pressure the IWC was forced to file a FIR based on a poor complaint from a former consultant dissatisfied with NDTV named Sanjay Dutt, who made false accusations and dropped cases before the courts with these false accusations. The timing has not received any order from the courts. Legal analysts are surprised that when the courts have rejected the order in all these years, the conduct of the ICC raids on the basis of a private complaint. ”

NDTV said: “The prosecution appears to be a loan that was canceled by Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy for more than seven years and fees Although lakhs of Rs million rupees have not been paid by various manufacturers. The CBI has chosen not only to register a FIR, but also to seek a loan that was duly paid at the ICICI Bank.In addition, the ICICI is a private bank. No disclosure was made to PADOTZKE and other regulatory authorities is not only incorrect and false, but does not conceal the IWC with the power to record cases and search, further amplifies the fact that the investigation by the IWC is only a witch hunt against The independent media NDTV and its promoters have never lost a loan to ICICI or any other bank.We respect the highest levels of integrity and independence.This is clearly the independence and boldness of the NDTV eq That the party’s party litical in power can not suffer, and the incursion CBI is more than another attempt to silence the media. No matter how much politicians attack us, we will not give up the struggle for freedom and independence of the media in India. “

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