Man Featured In A Documentary Called ‘The Jihadis Next Door’ Was One Of London Attackers

Man Featured In A Documentary Called ‘The Jihadis Next Door’ Was One Of London Attackers

Man Featured In A Documentary Called ‘The Jihadis Next Door’ Was One Of London Attackers

Khuram Shazad Butt was a British citizen born in Pakistan
Police have issued the names of two of the three men carrying out an attack in London
7 people were killed and 48 wounded in the attack
On Monday police issued names of two of the three men who carried out the high-profile attack in the heart of London last week – but one of them was already known for its extremist views among its neighbors and Had been reported to the authorities there for years.

He also appeared in a British television documentary in 2016 called “The Jihadists Next Door.”

Khuram Shazad Butt, a former transit worker aged 27, was apparently a sociable man. Her neighbors said to invite male friends at the barbeques and attended a gym and a local pool.

But it also showed a dark side – enough for neighbors to call the police hotline to warn that he was an extremist.

Butt, who was killed by police during Saturday’s attack was a British citizen born in Pakistan. He spoke with the slang English slang from London and was a fan of the Arsenal football team.

It was one of the team’s jerseys when he and the other two attackers killed seven people and wounded 48 in the attack vehicle and beatings in central London. The other attacker was appointed by police Rachid Redouane.

Butt has voiced his extremist views for years, including declaring the vote in the British election was “against Islam.”

Erica Gasparri live in the public housing complex where Butt resided in the Barking neighborhood of East London. The mother of three children, told The Washington Post two years ago, one of her children came to him and said, “Mom, I want to be a Muslim to go to paradise.”

Gasparri said: “He was trying to do the brainwashing.”

The neighbors said he is not at the top would send the women out of his family. His wife was often wearing a veil. He had two children.

Gasparri said he had called a police line and reported his belief that Butt was an extremist. “He said,” I’ll do anything for my religion, “he said, referring to Top Gasparri as a threat.
“Khuram Shazad Butt was known by the police and the MI5,” police said in a statement, referring to Britain’s top national intelligence agency. “However, there was no information to suggest that the attack was planned and that the investigation was a priority accordingly.”

Jibril Palomba, another neighbor, said he spent time with butt in the gym, in which they identify themselves by lifting weights and boxes as battle companions. “He was a good guy, but it turned out to be a problem,” said M. Palomba.

Palomba, whose parents are Italian and Somali, is a Muslim. He said that the last time he saw a butt, just three days before the attack, his neighbor looked strange.

“He said,” Good luck, “and he said,” What, where are you? “And he said,” There is no space. “But then, he said. I’m just saying he must be a good Muslim, so we’re going to heaven. I’m a good Muslim, “I said. . What are you all talking about? ”

Butt was expelled from a mosque in East London that sometimes prayed, after shouting “God alone is in charge” and interrupted the magnet. Said the Islamic center Jabir bin Zaid Monday that the incident occurred “a few years ago,” but gave no details.

In “jihadists next door,” a butt can be seen praying in a London park.

At least one other person introduced in the documentary has already joined the militant group Islamic State in Syria. Siddhartha Dhar left Britain just days after his release from prison on bail and believed in the ranks of the Islamic State shortly after his arrival in Syria. Like Dhar, Butt is believed to have been associated with al-Muhajiroun, a banned extremist organization.


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