Israel’s former defense minister thinks Netanyahu will be indicted

Israel’s former defense minister thinks Netanyahu will be indicted

Israel’s former defense minister thinks Netanyahu will be indicted

(CNN) Former Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told CNN he believes the Israeli prime minister will be prosecuted on corruption charges.

“Too many problems are under investigation,” Moshe Yaalon told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in an interview late Tuesday launched. “I think, in the end, we will witness an indictment.”

Israeli police conducting two investigations directly related to Netanyahu. A third acquisition concerns defense held during his prime minister.

Netanyahu was repeatedly questioned as part of the first two surveys – compared to suggestions that improperly accepted gifts from overseas businessmen and accusations, an agreement was reached with Arnon Mozes, owner of a Leading Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth.

This deal would have involved the newspaper cutting its attacks on Prime Minister Netanyahu in return, ensuring the spread of a rival newspaper declined.

Netanyahu’s lawyer told CNN he does not believe that Israel’s attorney general decides to charge the prime minister as part of any of these cases.

The third case study involves the purchase of German submarines and attack ships. The purchases were made during Netanyahu’s presidency, but so far it has not been questioned and the Attorney General said it is not a target of the investigation.

The decision to buy German warships in 2015 was rejected by Yaron, who was serving at the time as Defense Minister Netanyahu.

Then Yaalon was replaced in the Ministry of Defense and chose to resign completely from the government, citing “difficult moral and professional controversies with the Prime Minister, a number of other ministers and members of the Knesset.”
Since then, he has announced his intention to form his own political party to challenge Netanyahu.

In response to Ya’alon CNN’s comments, an official from the prime minister’s office said: “Mr. Yaalon’s allegations are unfounded Unfortunately, he transformed the political differences into a smear campaign against the Prime Minister.

For example, he tried to corrupt Prime Minister Netanyahu’s decisions in defense contracts, but the Attorney General’s office has explicitly stated that the prime minister has not even investigated the matter.

The President of the Government is guided by a sum: to ensure the safety of Israel. ”

Yaalon told CNN that he and Netanyahu share similar views on security and foreign affairs, but remain critical of the prime minister in other areas.

“My main conflict with my prime minister and other members of the government and the coalition, focused on internal issues,” he said.

“I am not proud that we have corruption. I am very proud that the rule of law and that dominates the enforcement authorities are independent to investigate the whole world, to include the prime minister.”

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